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Best Maintenance For Furnace/AC by Homeowner

As a professional in the field, I get asked a lot from customers what they can do to prevent some of the issues I find during a visit. While there isn’t much a homeowner should do, these are a couple things to help between visits.

The standard for air filter replacement is to change it every 30 days (once a month), but it really depends on indoor environment. If your home is very clean, no pets, low traffic, etc then you should check your air filter every 30 days and change it as needed. If the home is full of pets, “lived in”, or high traffic, etc then you should check it more often. Once you find the timeline that works best to not over use your filter or change a clean filter; just continue on that timeline going forward. And remember, there is an arrow on your filter that should point towards the blower fan.

That alone is the best thing a homeowner can do. Next would be to make sure your condensing unit (outside air conditioning unit) is free of weeds, grass, leaves, debris, etc. These units need proper air flow to operate correctly. This also means it shouldn’t be too close to the house, bushes, shrubs, buildings or the such.

The last main thing homeowners can do, have a professional they trust looking over the system twice a year to stay ahead of issues that may arise.


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